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It's sexbomb-a-go-go time for those who think boobs. Welcome back Cherry Brady, in Do Me Now, her first new pictorial and matching video in too long a time. Lover of many erotic items and garments from an earlier generation, Cherry is wearing her bullet bra and vintage undies, practicing the cha-cha with her vacuum cleaner in her swanky ultra-lounge living room, when she takes five to examine a book of old-school black & white photos of models from the '50's and '60's. They inspire Cherry to create her own spin on the classic poses of yesteryear for you, Mr. Breast-Lover. And she does so with more heat, boob power, skin and sexiness then those perky pioneers of pulchritude could have given the drooling horndogs of their generation. It's future-classic Cherry Brady for the 21st...
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